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Cobra bracelets are paracord braided bracelets. Order your customized bracelets to gift your loved ones as friendship bands or just as a reminder of the deep bond that you share. Customize it with coloured cords of your choice. You can also add beads and metal tags to personalize the bracelet.

Paracord bracelets are made of parachute cords which are lightweight nylon ropes used to suspend parachutes.

Why are Paracord Cobra Bracelets called Survival Bracelets?

They are also known as survival bracelets. This is the reason these bracelets are popular with adventure sports enthusiasts like hikers, climbers, and campers. The long length of 10-15 ft of the cord used for the bracelet can come extremely handy in unexpected emergencies.  The cords can be unwound and used for sewing, building shelters, fishing, etc.

To make the bracelets even more useful, they can be fixed with a whistle buckle as a connection piece. The whistle can be used to signal emergencies.

For getting your personalized paracord bracelets, contact us.

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