Double Gold Banded Plate 10.5 Inches

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Double Gold Banded Plate 10.5 Inches

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The Double Gold Banded Plate is by itself a very royal piece of tableware. Add some character to it with Gift Shop’s customization services and you have a unique and classy gift. Be sure of receiving compliments on your thoughtfulness and gifting ideas.

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Size: 10.5″

Personalize your plate at Gift Shop from the comfort of your home. If you are wondering how? Use any of the ideas below to get a direction.

Ways to customize your Double Gold Banded Plate

  • Add your name in gold along the rim. Best if you are looking for personalized dinnerware
  • Add the titles Mr. and Mrs. before the family name on the front center of the plate. Perfect for wedding dinnerware or as an anniversary gift.
  • Add the company logo along the rim. If you are looking for customized plates for corporate use, adding the logo will look classy.
  • You can also have the name and date of an event and a very short brief printed behind the plate. This is if the plate is to be gifted as a favor for attending the event.
  • Gold rimmed plates can also be printed with pictures as custom photo plates to be given as personalized gifts.

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