Small Jigsaw Puzzle

Small Jigsaw Puzzle

10.000 KD

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56 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Dimensions: 10″x8″

Start Design

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The Jigsaw Puzzle makes for a cute gift. It is a fun, exciting, and challenging gift for anyone and everyone. Watch them put together the pieces and create the final picture and message. It’s a super personalized gift idea for any special occasion and all ages!

Your Gift Contains

  • 56 pieces of Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Dimension: 10″x8″

Personalize it into an amazing puzzle with your lovely pictures on it and gift it to your special one as a memoir for keepsake.

Plan a family activity with kids and adults and keep them busy with their favourite holiday picture in the puzzle.

You could also get it with your favourite quote as a gift to yourself and unwind putting the pieces together.

Order your custom photo puzzle for the perfect gift to friends and family.

To get your personalized puzzle, contact us

1 review for Small Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. saleh mahammad

    perfect gift

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